MLK Soccer Day Camp

MLK Soccer Day Camp

Where: 3801 N Elston, Chicago IL

Cost: $80.00 per player


iProSkills MLK Soccer Day Camp time:
9.00 AM to 4.00 PM

iProSkills MLK Soccer Day Camp schedule:
Monday, January 16th

We are sorry, but registration for iProSkills MLK Soccer Day Camp is closed. We invite you to take part in other Iproskills Programs.

The camps is designed for competitive soccer players, ages between 7 to High School, boys and girls, ready to improve their footskills, creativity, field awareness and self confidence.

All technical elements included in our high-energy camp curriculum: PASSING, RECEIVING, FIRST TOUCHES, DRIBBLING, MASTER DRIBBLING, FOOTSKILLS, BALL CONTROL, SHOOTING.

It will be a very intensive 6 hours so please bring healthy lunch, snacks, and plenty of water. Synthetic grass so you need to bring short cleats or turf shoes, shinguards and proper soccer uniform.

For MLK Soccer Day Camp, please wear synthetic turf shoes.

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