Interview with Martin Krug soccer player

Martin Krug! Work ethic, sacrifices and will to win

Our U15 iProSkills Academy player talking in his interview about his training and his experience since he starting his soccer training in 2014 until today.

What is your name?
My name is Martin Krug

For how long are you playing soccer?
I’m have been playing soccer since I was 5 years old.

What is your favorite soccer position? Why?
My favorite position is center back because you need to act quickly. I learned it everything I know as a soccer player by playing center back.

Why training and playing with iProSkills Academy?
I want to get better and this is the place to do it. It requires a lot of work.

What is your own best memory at iProSkills Academy as a player?
My best memory as a player is playing and training with Hagi Academy in Romania in 2019.

What is your best memory with your team? Places you been, games, moments?
My final game was when we won the final of Copa Univision because it was a game when our team played great.

What is your strength as a player?
I’m good at understanding and anticipating the game.

What is your weakness and what you going to do about it?
I’m struggling with my left foot and I need to make sure I am not getting dragged out of position. I need to fix this in practice with hard work and determination.

Who is your favorite player in the world and why?
My favorite player is Franz Beckenbauer because he was so talented and well rounded. Also, he was a gentleman off the field.

Who’s your favorite team in the world and why?
My favorite team is Manchester City because they keep posession until they find space and will play through you.

What is Neon and Black for you?
Neon and Black means everything for me. It is where I come from and it is what I represent.

How many hours did you train last year? Season, Camps, free time, ODP, etc.
I don’t know the exact hours. I think it is about 600 and plus hours but that is not important at all. What is important is when is the next practice when I can improve my skills.

Who is my favorite player in iProSkills Academy and why?
My favorite player in iProSkills Academy is my brother, Frederick Krug because he motivates me to be better. Between us, it is always who is the best. He is a great player who is a striker which means he is always going toward the center back and there is always a family rivalry between us.

What qualities should have a player to be team’s captain?
To be a captain you have to be a leader ON and OFF the field and be able to take on extra responsibilities.

What is your soccer’s dream?
I want to be the best world ever seen.

What are your goals? Short term (6 month), Medium term ( 1 year) and Long term (3 years).
My 6 month goal is to learn to not get dragged out of position. My 1 year term is to be able to play #6 and to have two positions to play. My 3 years goal is to have my left foot just as good as my right foot.

What is your best memory as a soccer player?
My best memory was the first time I was selected to the State Team to represent my State and my Club.

What do you think makes the difference between a top ranked player and a random player?
The top ranked footballers have a lot of determination and willingness to be better. While a random player thinks she/he is good and she/he doesn’t need to practice. In reality there is always room to improve.

What is the worst moment in your soccer experience?
The worst moment was missing a penalty in my school championship game.

What can you learn in soccer and apply in life?
Soccer players are fun and exciting to watch, but off the field they are gentlemen. Even if you have great abilities, you still need to treat people with respect.

What are the three images preached at iProSkills Academy and why do you think are important?
A BALL, a BOOK and a TIE. The three essential that a complete soccer player must have.

Send a message to your teammates and to younger players from iProSkills Academy.
iProSkills Academy players, keep working hard and train your hardest in every training session because you are not going to get the time back.


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