Goalkeeping Training

Goalkeepers require specialized training to develop the proper technique, mental toughness, and physical demands required to be your team’s last line of defense. To succeed as a goalkeeper, players need to be well trained technically and tactically in order to command their box and keep the ball out of the back of the net. iProSkills Academy’s goalkeeper training program develops goalkeepers based upon their age, ability, and the experience of each individual goalkeeper.

iProSkills Academy’s goalkeepers program for beginners starts by learning the position in an exciting environment focused on teaching the proper technique and tactical decision making necessary to succeed. iProSkills Academy’s Goalkeeping program introduces the 5 major areas youth goalkeepers need to focus on:

  • proper footwork
  • catching/handling techniques
  • positioning
  • the breakdown of proper diving form
  • and injury prevention

Our elite goalkeepers are put through intense technical and tactical training sessions mentally preparing them for the mental and physical rigors of travel soccer, ODP, high school soccer, college soccer, and beyond. The elite keepers are given guidance on navigating the college recruiting process and preparing for the mental toughness that comes with competing at a high level.

For further information and to schedule an goalkeeping training session or book a block of 5 sessions call our Coaching Director Catalin Costel Serban at 7737990535 or send a e-mail to contact@iproskills.com.

iProSkills Academy is a European-style soccer club for Chicagoland youth of all ages
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