Eliza Vanciu, team’s captain for our U13 girls soceer team

iProSkills Academy interviewing Eliza Vanciu, after being few games team’s captain in the fall season for our U13 Girls Team

What is your name?
My name is Eliza Vanciu

For how long you are playing soccer?
I have been playing soccer for about 2 years but actually understanding and knowing the sport for about 1 year.

What is your favorite soccer position? Why?
Center Back is my favorite position because the team counts on me to help protect and keep our goal safe, I also coordinate the defensive line. I really enjoy taking the kicks and help protect the team.

Why training and playing with iProSkills Academy?
Well when I first started playing I really did not enjoy it, however the coaches helped me get better and I saw that soccer started working and I fell in love with the sport. The coaches and the training sessions are unbelievable! We have coaches with patience and that are strict to help you get better. They are the coaches that care about you, they are not like the coaches that are there because they get payed, they are there to help us achieve our dreams!

What is your own best memory at iProSkills Academy as a player?
Scoring my first goal at a penalty kick was really amazing for me, however when Coach Dejan handed me the band it was pure joy, it was one of the best things that has happened to me!

What is the best memory with your team? Places you been? Games? Moments?
My favorite moment and memory with my team was when we won Quad League or when we won our first game, we all had animated faces. We have not been anywhere yet but they told us that we are planning on going to England. However, playing in Europe-Romania with the boys was really amazing and fun for me, they had a lot of patience with me and so did the coaches. My favorite game was when we were up against the best team in the division a few seasons ago and we were playing like a team and connecting the passes with each other, we looked like a team. We ended up with a tie but that was great for us!

What is your strength as a player?
My strength as a player is ability to lead the team or putting my foot to the ball. My shot is also strong but it could be better.

What is your weakness and what you going to do about it?
My weakness is missing the ball when it comes from above. To get it better I will juggle and I will not use my lashes for it but my inside.

Who’s your favorite player in the world and why?
Alex Morgan is definitely my favorite player, she is a great role model for girls and she shows me that nothing is impossible.

Who is your favorite team in the world and why?
Barcelona is my favorite team because of their unity, their quickness of mind and ball control and because of Messi.

What is neon and black for you?
Neon and black are not just colors, they are what define iProSkills, when people think of neon and black they think of the galaxy, space and brightness. The club is out of this world amazing and bright. They attract people and they make us faster, stronger, better and elite.

How many hours did you train last year? ( seasons, camps, free time, ODP, etc).
I don’t know how many hours I trained, but I did all the summer camps, went to Romania with the boys teams, did the extra camps, spring and fall season, and I trained with my brother’s team also. I also played with with my brother in free time.

My favorite player in iProSkills academy is definitely my brother, Bryan. He was an incredible player but broke his foot. When his foot healed he wasn’t himself on the field but he was very determined to get back to being the best he could be. He trained with me and pushed me a lot and helped me in ways I didn’t understand.

What qualities should have a player to be team captian?
A captain should definitely have a voice with his or her team. They have to take responsibility and bring their team up. They have to be patient and understanding. They should be positive and help the team and understand when he or she messes up.

What is your dream in soccer?
My dream in soccer is to be the best that I can be and to play with the best and play professional, but not to be professional sitting in the bench, be professional on the field and getting my name known.

What are your goals? Short term- 6 month, medium term- 1 year and long term 3 years?
My 6 month goal is to get a higher juggling record. My 1 year goal is to get all the iProSkills academy pins. And my 3 year goal is to make the high school team if the girls team doesn’t continue.

What is your best memory as a soccer player?
My favorite memory on the field was scoring my first goal, my brother and the parents and boys were all so excited. Off the field it was getting handed the captain band.

What do you think makes the difference between a top ranked player and a random player?
A top rank player puts sweat, tears and commitment into soccer, they make soccer their LIFE. A low ranked player plays for fun does soccer as a hobby.

What is the worst moment in your soccer experience?
My worst experience was fracturing my foot, I was really sad that I had to miss out. Another really awful thing was when I played really awful and cause my team a loss, I didn’t feel like a good captain that day.

What can you learn in soccer and than apply in life?
Soccer is a lifestyle, you need a team or a group that you can rely on. On the field it’s you’re team, off the field it’s still you’re team or you’re family. You also learn that in like you lose and you win, life is not always sunny, for there will be rain.

What are the 3 images preached at iProSkills and why do you think those are important?
1. To believe in yourself for at least 90 minutes since we believe in Santa Clause, this to me means that you need faith in life or else you will doubt and always second guess yourself.
2. When you can’t run with your feet run with your heart, this means that when you are tired and your legs are aching to remember why you are on that field, remember why you started soccer, remember why you happy on the field and that will give you power. You can also apply that to life when you feel like your feet can’t take you anywhere else, you’re heart will be there to make you get up and live.
3. Don’t do it to do it, do it to get better. This was brought to iProSkills by Coach Mihai Cojucaru, this to me means that if you do something because you have to or because someone is watching, you are not doing it with joy or to be good at it. Although, when you do it to get better even tho it will be hard sometimes, you will feel great in yourself and in your accomplishments.

Send a message to your teammates and to younger players from iProSkills Academy!
My message is: Don’t give up even if someone tells you to. If you really want something don’t let anyone get in the way. Play with your heart, get good grades, be school and life smart, keep your brain active. Be yourself on and off the field. Listen to the coaches, they know the best for you on the field, off the field listen to your parents, and stay united with your team, they helped you get where you are now. But don’t forget where you were and where you are now and why.

Thank you Iza and best of luck with your soccer and with your dreams!

Highlights with Eliza Vanciu

Same photo with Eliza Vanciu iProSkills games team’s captain in the fall season for our U13 Girls Team in action on the soccer field