Angel Panora-Garcia:
A Model of Excellence On and Off the Field

Angel Panora-Garcia, who joined iProSkills Academy at the tender age of 8, has grown into a remarkable player and student, embodying the values of dedication, passion, and hard work. His journey is a source of immense pride and inspiration for our community.

Early Development at iProSkills Academy
From the beginning, Angel was committed to his development at iProSkills Academy. He never missed a practice, summer camp, footskills training, or bootcamp. His unwavering work ethic and resilience quickly set him apart, indicating his potential to become a future star. Angel played in various positions, excelling as an attacking midfielder and center midfielder due to his vision and skill.

Academic and Athletic Balance
Angel’s passion for soccer was matched by his dedication to academics. He maintained high grades throughout his schooling, understanding the importance of education alongside his athletic pursuits. This commitment has recently paid off, as Angel received an offer from Coe College, an achievement that makes us incredibly proud.

High School Achievements
In addition to his time at iProSkills Academy, Angel played with distinction for Notre Dame High School. His pride, work ethic, and leadership on the field led his team to significant achievements. Angel’s ability to balance his academic responsibilities with his athletic commitments serves as a powerful example to our young athletes.

A Promising Future
We eagerly anticipate Angel’s continued success at the college level and are confident he will achieve great things. His journey from iProSkills Academy to college soccer exemplifies the possibility of excelling both academically and athletically. Angel Panora-Garcia is a shining example of what can be achieved through dedication and hard work, and we are proud to have him as part of our legacy. We wish him all the best and look forward to hearing about his future successes.