Abdul Karim Rutayisire – Soccer Coach Assistant

Like our players, the iProSkills coaching team reflects a broad range of cultures and backgrounds. Our staff members alone represent ten countries and speak 15 languages. All our coaches hold licenses through the United States Soccer Federation, among others. Staff members have playing and coaching experience at the community, high school, college, professional and international levels. We are united by our love of soccer and a dedication to providing our youth with high-quality training, mentorship, and opportunities.

Abdul Karim Rutayisire - Soccer Coach Assistant

Abdul Karim Rutayisire

Soccer Coach Assistant

Hometown: Huye, Rwanda
Languages: English, French, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Kurundi

Soccer Experience:

  • Mukura Victor Sport, Division I
  • Espanya PSBB, High School Soccer League 
  • Intare Football Academy (U10 to U17)
  • United States Soccer Federation (USSF) Coaching License – Pending

Born in Burundi and raised in Rwanda, Abdul has been a proud member of the IProSkills team since August 2021. He fell in love with IProSkills mainly because of the club’s focus on all different aspects of the game across every age group. These areas are mental preparation, focus on each individual technical devepmeny, tactical instructions and focus on each individual physical abilities and strength and the last but most important–disciplined environment built to shape not only the athlete but also the new young generation.
This holistic approach to training reminds Abdul of the soccer program he knew and loved as a youth. Abdul enjoys exercising at his local gym at least two hours a day, five days a week. He loves cooking, especially for friends and family. He lives in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago with his wife Addison.